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Ludlow Hospital Under Attack

The quotes in this article are taken from messages, emails and comments from Ludlow people over the last few days.

On 30th July, Shropshire’s Community NHS Trust confirmed the closure of Stretton ward, one of the last two remaining in-patient wards at Ludlow Hospital.

How dare you go ahead with such a major decision without even consulting the GPs?  And press release a lot of twaddle about “doing it for the benefit of the patients”.  What about future patients who will need beds – what are they to do?

This was a disgraceful decision, taken despite overwhelming opposition – from the GPs at Portcullis Surgery, from the Town Council, from our three local councillors on Shropshire Council, from Ludlow Hospital League of Friends and from Philip Dunne MP. A public petition attracted an astonishing 2666 signatures in a matter of days. The ward closure is a move that reveals astonishing arrogance, and a genuine contempt for local people.

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