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Ludlow GPs Challenge Community Services Review

The Shropshire CCG’s Community Services Review was launched with the intent to cut costs of community services. The initial report that is being discussed by the CCG Governing Body today (October 11) concludes that ‘change’ is necessary. The conclusions imply the closure of our rural Minor Injuries Units (MLUs) and all beds in our Community Hospitals. In practice, that means the closure of Community Hospitals.

The GP Partners at the two Ludlow practices have issued this statement challenging the review on the eve of the Governing Body meeting.

Letter to the press on behalf of the partners of Portcullis and Station Drive Surgery, Ludlow

The partners of Ludlow medical practices are surprised by the public launch of the community services review in the media where it has been announced that a working document will be discussed in the CCG Board meeting tomorrow. We feel this discussion is premature as the data used in this working document is still incomplete and can be potentially misleading and may lead to bias. A number of requests have been made to the CCG to improve the data so that it is more accurate, more representative and less subject to potential bias and many of our requests have been ignored. Continue reading