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Future Fit: Either Choice a Disaster for Patients

The Future Fit consultation is a sham. They are attempting to get people from Shropshire, Telford and Powys to choose between two options, both of which will mean worse healthcare for everyone – fewer nurses and fewer medical beds in our hospitals, longer waits for ambulances everywhere, and cuts to our community health services.

Whatever some politicians and health bosses are saying, it is not a done deal. Just a couple of weeks ago the Secretary of State halted the plan to close the A&E in Huddersfield, forcing people to travel to one further away (9 miles, not the 18 we are threatened with). They won this victory because of united campaign that didn’t say “close their’s, not our’s”. And they used many of the same arguments with the Secretary of State that we have raised locally. Read their campaign’s statement here.


We are calling on people to fill in the Future Fit Survey and answer “Strongly Disagree” to both options. You can download the Survey from here.

And some Facts you won’t find in the Future Fit consultation documents:

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